Views Of An Ex Podcast was created in 2019 by Dj, and Producer LaMa.  

What is Views Of An Ex about?

Views Of An Ex is an unmissable podcast where tales from the tumultuous world of past relationships unfold in splendid detail. Think of it as a vibrant tapestry, woven with narratives of love lost, hearts mended, and lessons learned. This podcast effectively takes off the rose-tinted glasses and instead offers raw emotional experiences from previous relationships. It's like sifting through a friend's memory box, each episode filled with recollections, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Who should listen to Views Of An Ex?

Are you intrigued by human emotional dynamics? Do your ears perk up at the raw and unfiltered stories of relationship triumphs and stumbles? If you find yourself nodding, then Views Of An Ex might be the ticket for you. This podcast is a sanctuary for those who love to experience life vicariously, thriving on the telling of personal stories. It's for the curious listeners, the empathetic hearts, and those seeking comfort that they are not alone in their ex-relationship experiences. At the end of the day, aren't we all simply voyeurs on this grand stage of human experience?